China Panorama Hong Kong


12-15 DAYS


Meeting at Athens airport and through another city we land at Hong Kong.  One of the most impressive cities of the world. A place where the poor alterates  the rich  and the realism the superstition. It was English colony from middle of 19th century till 1997 and then it was returned to China. Hong Kong is an exciting tourist pole.


Arrival and check in ,in our hotel.Free rest of the day for a first individual acquaintance with the city.You can see the commercial street Nathan Road, the waterfront with the view of skyscrapers where the tower of international trade is situated. Also you can visit the night market in Temple street. Overnight.


Morning city tour during which we will pass under the sea tunnel  to Viktoria, the capital city and from the hill we watch the view and the whole Hong Kong.We will also stop at Aberdin and Repals coast ,with countless Buda’s statues and Chinese mythology forms.Overnight.


A pleasant  journey by train will lead us to Cantona, the south capital city.We will visit the Buddhist  temple   of 6 trees Banian, the imposing Tsen mansion with the Folk art  museum, the Samian island,and the open market Tsin Ping. Later we will go to the airport  and we will fly to Guilin,one of the most famous destinations of the city.It is known and unique with hundreds of green hills and mountains aged 300 million years and crossed by Li river .Inhabitants are occupied mainly with rice cultivation .Arrival  at the hotel,check in and overnight.


Today we will have an exciting experience, with a barge we will cross part of the river .At the end of the cruise we will visit the lovely village Yangsuo and  the open market with Folk Art, Antiques, Paintings, silks.We return to our hotel by bus.


Today we visit the cave and the crystal palace of dragon king. Transfer to the airport  and flight to Xian, one of the most important cities of ancient world. The silk road  started from here and foreign ambassadors and merchants brought  their religions and foreigner cultures. Check in and visit to the walls of Ming dynasty,16km long, as well as Buddhist monastery  with the 7 storey pagoda of the great goose, the only building from Tang dynasty which is saved in the city.Overnight.


It was capital city for 11 dynasties. Here in 1974 a surprising discovery was made which we will visit:the museum of 6000 terra cotta warriors  in life  size ,who are guards at the palace of Tsin Si Huang Ti. At night, after dinner  we will watch the famous performance of dance and music of Tang dynasty.


Transfer to airport and flight to the capital city of China, Beijing. A modern city, center of political, cultural, and international relations, here lies the central government with the ministries, national associations and organizations,foreign embassies and multinational companies. Arrival , check in and overnight.


We start with the historical  square of Tien An Men, the biggest square of the world. We see the  magnificent buildings around it as Mao Che Tung’s  mansion, parliament  buildings, national museum, granite obelisk with carving the long march of Mao with the red army at the north. At this square ,Mao announced the creation of China.Then we will walk towards the ‘Forbidden city .’We will walk also in the picturesque streets of Beijing in order to get to know it a little better. Later we will visit the summer palace . Last visit for today will be the Temple of Heaven, the unique circular structure of China. At night we will watch Beijing’s opera .Overnight.


Great wall, the only visible  project from space, the glory of  Chinese. Later we visit the Sisanling necropolis.At night we will enjoy the delicious Beijing duck.Overnight.


Transfer to the airport and flight to Hangzhou ,one  of the ancient China ‘s capital, and today a dynamic economic center .After our check in we take a boating in idyllic lake Xihu . Overnight.


Today we go to   Xitang, an ancient city of China in which 9 rivers are converged. There are no modern buildings but only architectural treasures made between 1300 and 1900 A.D. We will admire the small and very old houses in its narrow streets. Later we start for Sanghai, the city-lighthouse in the path of modernization of China. After dinner we watch a performance of the worldwide  famous Acrobats  of Shanghai. Overnight.


Today we will visit by bus Suzhou, the city of water, rice and silk, which is built on 14 canals with 350 stone bridges and 12 big pagodas.  It is  a center of great cultural importance. We will see the museum of silk and we will learn some secrets on the way they work on it and how they make  fabrics and quilts .Later we will, enjoy our boating through the canals next to the  rows of old houses. Overnight.


First   we visit mandarine ‘s  Yu gardens. They were constructed for Pan family and needed 18 years to be finished. Then we will continue to jade Buda ‘s temple .Here is stored the most beautiful, probably, statue of Buda in all Asia. At the end we go to the skyscraper ,Jin Mao Tower, 420,5 meters high. It is the second higher building in China. The view of the whole city from up there is unique. At the end we go to the airport and we arrive tomorrow in Athens through a stopover.


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