Persia in Depth

 Persia in Depth | 30 Days in Iran

Duration: 30 Days
Itinerary: Tehran, Ahvaz, Susa, Sushtar, Shiraz, Kerman, Yazd, Isfahan, Kashan, Hamadan, Kermanshah, Takab, Tabriz, Julfa, Sar’ein, Ardabil, Anzali, Rasht, Zanjan, Qazvin, Mashad, Neishabur, Bastam

Important note: This itinerary would be performed only as a private tour with private driver-guide (s).
In case you are interested in this itinerary, you would be able to book it as a customized tour any time by contacting us.

Day 1: Arrival, A half day city tour in Tehran. Overnight stay in Tehran.
National Museum of Iran
Carpet Museum

Day 2: A half day city tour in Tehran, afternoon flight to Ahvaz- Overnight stay in Ahvaz
Sa’ad Abad Museum Complex
Azadi Tower of Tehran

Day 3: Drive to ancient Susa, If time permits we visit Shushtar.- Overnight stay in Ahvaz
Tchogazanbil Zigorat, Elamite Temple dating from 1400 BC (UNESCO Site)
Shushtar Watermills (UNESCO Site)

Day 4: Drive to Shiraz, via ruined Sasanid city of Bishapur – Overnight stay in Shiraz
Ancient city of Bishapur & Chogan gorge
Sarab Baharam sasanid carving

Day 5: Sightseeing in Shiraz- Overnight stay in Shiraz.
Karim Khan Citadel
Eram Garden (UNESCO Site)
Vakil Mosque & Bazzar
Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque
Hafiz & Sa’adi Tombs

Day 6: Visit Persepolis and Naqshe-e-rustam – Overnight stay in Shiraz
Half day tour of Persepolis Complex (UNESCO Site)
Rock tombs of Naqsh-e Rajab & Naqsh-e Rustam
Pasargadae – Tomb of Cyrus The Great (UNESCO Site)

Day 7: Drive to Kerman, visit of Sarvestan palace en-route, Overnight stay in Kerman
Sarvestan sasanid Palace
Maharlu & Bakhtegan Salt Lakes

Day 8: Drive to Rayen via Mahan – Overnight stay in Kerman
Rayen citadel
Shah Nematolah Vali Shrine
Mahan’s Shahzadeh Garden (UNESCO Site)

Day 9: sightseeing in Kerman , Drive towards Yazd – Overnight stay in Zein-ol-Din
Safavid Caravanserai (60 km from Yazd)
Ganj’ali Khan Complex
Kerman Friday Mosque

Day 10: Sightseeing in Yazd- Overnight stay in Yazd.
Jameh Mosque
Mir Chakhmaq Complex
Old Town

Day 11: Departure toward Isfahan via Naein overland- Overnight stay in Isfahan.
Naein Friday Mosque
Night Visit of Bridges in Isfahan

Day 12: Sightseeing in Isfahan – Overnight stay in Isfahan
Imam Square (UNESCO Site)
Aali Qapu Palace
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
Imam Mosque
Chehel Sotun Palace (UNESCO Site)

Day 13: Sightseeing in Isfahan – Overnight stay in Isfahan
Vank Cathedral Museum
Friday Mosque
Pigeon Tower

Day 14: Drive to Kashan via Abyaneh – Overnight stay in kashan
Abyaneh ancient Village
Fin Garden (UNESCO Site)
Borujedi Mansion
Agha Bozorg Mosque & Madraseh

Day 15: Drive to Hamadan , Sightseeing in Hamadan – Overnight stay in Hamadan
Tomb of Ester & Mordecai
Avecina & Baba Taher Mausoleums
Stone Lion

Day 16: Excursion to Kermanshah overland – Overnight stay in Hamadan.
Kangavar sasanid ruined fire temple
Statue of Hercules
Taq-e Bustan bas relief carvings (UNESCO Site)

Day 17: Drive to Takeb – Overnight stay in Takab
Takht-e Soleiman Sasanid castle And Fire temple

Day 18: Drive to Tabriz, visit Qandovan village en- rout / Overnight stay in Tabriz.
Qandovan Village

Day 19: Sightseeing in Tabriz- Overnight stay in Tabriz
Azarbaijan Museum
Blue Mosque
Bazaar area

Day 20: Excursion to Julfa – Overnight stay in Tabriz
St Stephanos Armenian Church at Jolfa (UNESCO Site)

Day 21: Drive to Sar’ein , Enjoy the hot water springs in Sar’ein town – Overnight stay in Sar’ein

Day 22: Departure toward Anzali Port through Ardabil and the marvelous Heyran mountainous road which is covered by Lash Forest of Gilan – Overnight stay in Anzali
Sheikh Safi Complex in Ardabil
Boat riding in Anzali Lagoon Day 23: Departure toward Masouleh Ancient village overland. Drive to Rasht – Overnight stay in Rasht.
Masouleh Village ( UNESCO site )

Day 24: Drive to zanjan, Sightseeing in Zanjan – Overnight stay in Zanjan
Rakht-Shur Khaneh
Seyed Mosque & School

Day 25: Drive to Tehran via Sultanieh and Qazvin – Overnight stay in Tehran.
Zanjan Sultanieh Dome
Jame Mosque of Qazvin
Imamzadeh Hosein
Chehel Sotun Edifice and Museum

Day 26: Day at leisure in Tehran – Overnight stay in Tehran.

Day 27: Mourning flight to Mashad, Half day Sightseeing – Overnight stay in Mashad.
Imam Reza’s Holy Shrine
Nader shah’s tomb

Day 28: Excursion to Tus, Torghabeh and Shandiz.
Ferdowsi complex
Harunieh site

Day 29: Departure toward Neyshabour overland, sightseeing in Neyshabur, Drive to Bastam – Overnight stay in Bastam
Tomb of Umar Khayam and Attar in Neyshabur

Day 30: Drive back to Tehran – Overnight stay in Tehran / Departure

Tehran to Ahvaz  9 h 38 min (824.2 km)

 Ahvaz to  Susa : 1 h 27 min (116.4 km)

Susa to Shiraz  : 8 h 23 min (634.3 km)

Shiraz to Persepolis : 57 min (60.7 km)

Shiraz  to Kerman : 6 h 48 min (570,0 km)

Kerman to Yadz : 4 h 4 min (366.0 km)

Yadz to istfahan : 3 h 46 min (314.7 km)

Istfahan to kashan : 2 h 14 min (215.2 km)

Kashan to Hamadan : 4 h 26 min (383.6 km)

Hamadan to Takeb :

Tabriz to Sarein  : 2 h 49 min (206.8 km)

Sarein  to Anzali : 4 h 26 min (265.9 km)

Anzali  to Rasht  : 44 min (38.8 km)

Rasht to Zajan  : 3 h 31 min (271.5 km)

Zajan to Tehran  : 3 h 33 min (333,6 km)

Tehran to Mashad : 9 h 48 min (899,6 km)

Mashad to Bastam :  5h 19 min (494,6 km)